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Daily Announcements for October 28th Announcements for October 28th<p>​Once again the sun is shining and our Blazers are starting to get excited for what promises to be a wonderful day of spirit tomorrow!  Students can wear orange and black, or a Halloween costume if they wish (remember no costume masks and weapons/accessories allowed).  Our students and staff have the best spirit, and we cannot wait to see it all tomorrow!<br></p><p>Take a look at the rest of our announcements for Thursday October 28th.</p><p><a href="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/Thursday%20at%20BVD%20-%202021-10-28T122611.279.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />Thursday at BVD - 2021-10-28T122611.279.pdf</a><br></p>
OCTOBER 2021 NEWSLETTER 2021 NEWSLETTER<p>​Please take a moment to read our latest newsletter from Birchview Dunes!<br></p><p><a href="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/October%202021%20Newsletter.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />October 2021 Newsletter.pdf</a><br></p>
KISS 'N RIDE REMINDER 'N RIDE REMINDER<p>​Good morning families,<br></p><p>Today we are sending a quick reminder about our Kiss 'N Ride drop off area.  <br></p><p>If you are using this in the morning to drop off your student(s), we ask that you do not let your child(ren) out of the vehicle until you are in the pylon area and a staff member comes to assist.  </p><p>You are not to get out of your vehicle in this area either as it is meant as a drop off and go zone.  </p><p>If you need to get out to help your child, we ask that you park your car in our parking lot so the Kiss 'N Ride area can proceed with drop offs.<br></p><p>We thank all our amazing families for their support and help with this and look forward to working together this year with you all!<br></p>
IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO SHARE... INFORMATION TO SHARE...<p>​Today we share with you some important messaging from the SCDSB regarding health and safety, masking, well-being, lunch and Learn@Home.<br></p><p>Also we share the updated Covid Screening Tool for your reference, that you can also access from our school website.<br></p><p><a href="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/Message%20from%20SCDSB%20_%20BVD[3401].pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />Message from SCDSB _ BVD[3401].pdf</a><br></p><p><a href="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/covid-19-student-screening-tool[27480].pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />covid-19-student-screening-tool[27480].pdf</a><br></p>
Daily Announcements for October 27th Announcements for October 27th<p>​Wednesday is here and we are loving the sunshine today as many of our classes head outside for DPA and learning!<br></p><p>This Friday we share that we are having a Spirit Day where students have the option to wear orange and black or a Halloween costume (no costume mask and/or weapons or accessories can come).  We cannot wait to see our Blazers Friday!<br></p><p><a href="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/Wednesday%20at%20BVD%20-%202021-10-27T121142.861.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />Wednesday at BVD - 2021-10-27T121142.861.pdf</a><br></p>
Daily Announcements for October 26th Announcements for October 26th<p>​<a href="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/Tuesday%20at%20BVD%20-%202021-10-27T080530.330.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />Tuesday at BVD - 2021-10-27T080530.330.pdf</a><br></p>



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