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​Transitioning to High School​​Transitioning to High School​check out a SCDSB transitioning to High School v​​ideo​​ at <a href=""></a>​<div>Download our Parent's Guide to High School: <a title="" class="yt-uix-redirect-link" dir="ltr" href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> or visit <a title="" class="yt-uix-redirect-link" dir="ltr" href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> for more info.​​<br></div>
Daily Announcements Announcements <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-CA">Wednesday, November 25, 2015</span></p><ul><li><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">Hey Blazers! The green team has an exciting announcement to share with you!  </span><span style="white-space:pre-wrap;"><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">Dig out those batteries, because it’s time for the Birchview battery challenge!</span></span><span style="white-space:pre-wrap;"><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">That’s right starting this week, we will begin our annual battery collection that will end in a super awesome donut party for the class who brings in the most batteries! Good Luck Blazers!</span></span><span style="white-space:pre-wrap;"><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">STUDENTS, REMEMBER TO PUT TAPE ON THE ENDS OF 6 VOLT, 9 VOLT, AND ALL LITHIUM BATTERIES.</span></span><span style="white-space:pre-wrap;"><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">TEACHERS PLEASE STORE THE BATTERIES SAFELY IN A PLASTIC OR METAL CONTAINER.</span></span></li></ul><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA" style="color:black;"><span style="white-space:pre-wrap;">Today is Waste Free Wednesday. Eco Team please come to Mr. Pinkerton’s portable at the bell.</span></span><span>            </span><span></span></li></ul><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA">LAST CALL FOR PIZZA COUPONS. Check your lunch bags and back packs now please.</span></li></ul>
Daily Announcements Announcements <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-CA">Monday, November 23, 2015</span></p><ul><li><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">Eco Team members will meet again today in Mrs. Fleming's portable at the second half of first nutrition break, at 10:55 until 11:15.</span></li></ul><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA">Photo retakes are taking place today in the gym.<span>  </span>Your class will be called when it is time to come to the gym.<span>                              </span></span></li></ul>
Daily Announcements Announcements <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-CA">Friday, November 20, 2015</span></p><ul><li><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">There is an Eco Team meeting this morning in Mrs. Fleming's portable 998 after the bell. Bring your lunch. See you there.</span></li></ul><ul><li><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">Congrats again to all the participants of the Caribou Math Contest that was held the last 2 days. The results are:<span>  </span>Grades 5/6-1st Danica, 2nd Colby and 3rd Keiran.<span>  </span>Grades 7/8-1st Corbin, 2nd Isabelle and 3rd Emily.<span>  </span>If any of the participants were unable to check their results please see Ms. Winstone or Ms. Sims. The next test won't be until Jan. 13th. Keep doing the practice tests to improve your scores and play the games for challenges and fun!</span></li></ul><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA">Recycling is canceled for today.</span><span style="font-size:11pt;font-family:"calibri",sans-serif;"></span></li></ul><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA">Students in Grade 1 to 3, listen up for more information to come from your teachers next week about our production of Aladdin. <span>  </span>Scripts will be handed out and auditions will take place the following week.</span><span lang="EN-CA"></span></li></ul>
Daily Announcements Announcements <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-CA">Thursday, November 19 2015</span></p><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA" style="color:black;">Please note that YOUTH GROUP is cancelled at Birchview is tonight!</span></li></ul><ul><li><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">Hey Blazers! Yesterday was Waste Free Wednesday. Who will steal the trophies this week?<span>  </span>For the kindergarten division, we have a tie between Mrs. Wonta’s class and Mrs. Degagne’s class with 5 waste free lunches.<span>  </span>For the primary division, Mr. Brooks’ class won with 6 waste free lunches, just scraping by Mrs. Elton’s, Mr. Edward’s, and Mr. Sammon’s classes, each with 5.<span>  </span>For the junior division, a new winner has emerged! Mr. McPherson’s class won with 8 waste free lunches.  <span>  </span>For the intermediate division, Mr. Besley’s class wins again with 6 waste free lunches.<span> </span></span></li></ul><ul><li><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">Well done Birchview! Our cell phone collection has now ended. If you did not claim your spirit points, please see Mr. Pinkerton ASAP. </span></li></ul><ul><li><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">Stay tuned for a new and upcoming Eco Team environmental campaign that will be sure to “</span><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;">em <span style="color:black;">POWER”</span></span></span><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;"> your ability to reduce, reuse, and recycle. </span></li></ul><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA" style="color:black;">Eco Team meets in Mrs. Fleming’s portable tomorrow morning's nutrition and recess break. Bring your lunch.</span></li></ul><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA">Are you in grade 4, 5 or 6? Are you interested in science experiments? Come to Mrs. Fleming’s portable today at 10:35 to find out what the Science Fair Club is all about. That is portable 998 at 10:35 today. Grade 4s and 5s bring a snack with you and your outdoor clothing.</span><span></span></li></ul><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA">Photo retakes will take place Monday in the gym.<span>  </span>Make sure to bring your best smiles!</span></li></ul><ul><li> <span lang="EN-CA" class="ms-rteFontSize-2" style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;color:black;">There will be an intermediate girls basketball practice today at first break. </span></li></ul>
Daily Announcements Announcements <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-CA">Wednesday, November 18, 2015</span></p><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA" style="color:black;">Please note that YOUTH GROUP at Birchview IS CANCELLED THIS THURSDAY!</span></li></ul><ul><li><span lang="EN-CA">Are you in grade 4, 5 or 6? Do you like science experiments? If so, come see what the Science Fair Club is all about this Thursday at first break. Listen for the announcement tomorrow to tell you where we are meeting. Hope to see you there.</span><span style="font-size:11pt;"></span></li></ul><ul><li><span style="font-family:"tahoma",sans-serif;">Today is Waste Free Wednesday! And don't forget, teachers count too! Eco Team please come to Mr. Pinkerton's class following announcements. Stay tuned tomorrow for the results.</span></li></ul>



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