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Character Through Sport

​Character Through Sport Program description:

Our board's value system and mission thrives through character education. The traits valued and recognized are Caring, Integrity, Honesty, Courage, Respect, Responsibility, Inclusiveness, Cooperation, Optimism, and Empathy. Character education is a deliberate effort to nurture universal attributes that transcend racial, religious, socio-economic and cultural lines. It is a whole school effort to create a community that promotes the highest standards of student discipline, leadership and citizenship.

This year, our Physical Education teacher, Mr. Carson has created and implemented a new initiative called "Character Through Sport". Each month, our school has a "spirit assembly", where we recognize students that demonstrate these traits, focusing on a specific trait for each month of the year. Each teacher nominates 2 students from their class to be recognized, with the goal being to positively promote their character through their actions.

Canadian male and female athletes from a variety of sports have been invited to create a video each month describing how that specific trait is important to them, outline specific experiences, and how it has impacted their lives and careers. They also generously have signed 5 character education cards to be handed out, via a draw, at each assembly to those students who have demonstrated that trait over the course of the month. Thus far, the initiative has been received really well! Please stay tuned to our website for the remaining athlete ambassadors each month!

Below are the video links.  Click on the athlete's name to view the video.

Megan Lukan - September - Caring

2016 Canadian Olympic Bronze medalist women's rugby player, Megan Lukan shares why caring is important to her!​ (Video unavailable)

Ryan O'Reilly - October - Cooperation​

Please watch NHL Buffalo Sabres' star centre, Ryan O'Reilly, as he explains why cooperation is important, and how this trait has influenced his life and career​

Nikkita Holder - November - Courage​

Watch Olympic 100 metre hurdler Nikkita Holder's video on how courage has shaped her life and athletic career. ​

Jasmine Mian - December - Empathy​

Olympic wrestler Jasmine Mian, a former Innisdale Secondary School student, shares with students her thoughts on Empathy and what it means to her.

Melissa Tancredi - January - Honesty​

Melissa Tancredi, double Olympic bronze medalist for the Canadian National women's soccer team, speaks to our students about the trait of Honesty, why it is important, and how it has impacted her career and life.

Tyler McGregor - February - Inclusiveness

Please watch Team Canada Paralympic bronze medalist for the National men's sledge hockey team, Tyler McGregor, as he speaks to our students about the trait of Inclusiveness, why he believes it is so important, and how he is giving back. 

Rosie Cossar - February - Inclusiveness​

Rosie Cossar, 2012 Team Canada Olympic rhythmic gymnast and team captain, shares with our students as to why she believes the trait of Inclusiveness is important, and how she has used inclusiveness in her life and career. ​

Listen to Evan Dunfee, Canadian 2016 Rio Olympic 50 km race walker, as he shares his amazing story of Integrity with our students and staff, and why this trait is extremely important to him. ​

Watch this video, as Karina LeBlanc, Olympic bronze medalist and former goalkeeper for the Canadian National women's soccer team, as she discusses the importance of Integrity, and how this trait has impacted her life and career. ​

Watch, as Character Through Sport athlete ambassador, Canadian Olympic gold medalist in skeleton, and host of The Amazing Race Canada, Jon Montgomery, talks to our students and staff about the importance of Optimism, and why he believes it is vitally important to have and maintain.​​

Character Through Sport athlete ambassador Heather Moyse, double Olympic gold medalist in bobsledding, track cyclist, and member of the World Rugby Hall of Fame, talks to our students and staff about the importance of the trait of optimism, why we should think positively, and how it has impacted her life and career.