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Daily Announcements

Monday, June 25, 2018
Monday, June 25, 2018
Monday, June 25, 2018

​Here are the announcements for Monday June 25th! :)

1. For all students that come in for the breakfast program, please remember to go directly into the school off the bus if you would like something to eat.

2. Birchview water bottles are available for sale in the office at first break for just $5.00 each. Black and silver to choose from.

3. Attention Students – This is a reminder to please visit the lost and found before the end of the school year to check for lost items. It's located in the front lobby of the school.

There are also some valuables that have been lost and turned in. We have a collection of jewellery, glasses and keys in the office. If you have lost anything of this nature – please come and see if any of it belongs to you! Thank you!

4. "Random Acts of Kindness has now wrapped up for the year. Congratulations to Ms. Baumgarten, Mr. Watters, Ms. Weiss and Ms. White's classes for having the highest number of random acts of kindness for the month of June! Stay kind, Birchview"

5. Pop, Pop, Pop corn will be on sale on Wednesday in the front lobby at second break. Wednesday will be the last day. The cost is one dollar a bag and there are two flavors to choose from - Dill Pickle & Sweet & Salty! Bring your loonies!

6. Ms. Kaufman would like to congratulate Mrs. Duits, Mrs. Fleming and Mr. Pike's classes for returning all of their books.

There are still 172 books to be returned.  Please come to the library following the announcement if you have any books to returned.

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