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Daily Announcements - December 4, 2018

Tuesday, December 04, 2018
Tuesday, December 04, 2018
Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Date: Tuesday December 4, 2018

Day: (SCDSB 5 Day Cycle) Day 3

1.    Tomorrow is Waste Free Wednesday.

Why bother packing a Waste Free Lunch? Reducing our waste is essential if we expect future generations to live in a world with clean air and land to grow food. New research shows that plastics emit powerful greenhouse gases as they degrade, contributing to climate change. Plastic pollution is a major local and global problem that we need to take responsibility for now. Buying groceries in bulk, and packing your lunch in containers reduces many pounds of plastic that you produce each year. Think about it. Do your part. Now get packing Birchview and earn points for your class. Who will win the Eco Warrior Trophy this week?

2.    - Today is the SECOND day of Christmas for our Food Drive.

  • Today we are collecting CANS OF TUNA & SALMON
  • Helpers will be coming to your class immediately following these announcements to collect todays donations.
  • We are encouraging all donations be brought to school with you in the morning – the office can't accept donations all day long. If you miss a day and would like to bring something in – simply bring it in the next morning. Thank you!
  • Tomorrow "on the THIRD day of Christmas Birchview students brought in CANNED MEATBALLS & CHUNKY SOUPS OR STEWS"
  • Don't forget your CANNED MEATBALLS & CHUNKY SOUPS OR STEWS tomorrow Birchview!"

3.    Announcer 1:  Hey friend!
Announcer 2:  Hey what?
1:  Are you ready?
2: For what?
1: Birchview Movie night
2: when?
1: this Thursday at 6:00 in the gym
2. oh yeah!! Popcorn & a drink for $1.50 I'll be there.
My hands are high my feet are low & this is how we watch a show!!!
Paddington 2 this Thursday in our gym.

4.    We are excited to welcome a new visitor to our school!  'Sparky' the girl Elf joined us in the office yesterday - on December 3rd!  Before we return to school each morning— Sparky the scout elf flies back from the North Pole and hides.  Scout elves get their magic by being named and being loved by a child. We assure you—the office will take good care of her while he's here in December! We will do our best to keep her out of trouble! ;)
Sparky will be keeping watch in the office and reporting all of the students behaviour to Santa back at the North Pole. Be sure to be on your best behavior and keep an eye out for our new friend when you visit the office! Oh—and you can't touch her –or she'll lose her magic!

5. Attention all band members, there will be no practice tomorrow after school. Again, band practice is cancelled for tomorrow.

6. Attention Primary Choir!

There will be a primary choir practice at 2nd break today. Bring your lunch to the library hallway at 1:35.

7. Girls Volleyball practice will take place at second break.

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