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Daily Announcements - December 6, 2018

Thursday, December 06, 2018
Thursday, December 06, 2018
Thursday, December 06, 2018

Date: Thursday December 6, 2018

Day: (SCDSB 5 Day Cycle) Day 5

1. The Holiday Post Office will be opening on December 10th. This a reminder that each classroom will need to have a mailbox outside their classroom to receive letters.  "Tis the season to be writing"

2.  - Today is the FOURTH day of Christmas for our Food Drive.

-     Today we are collecting CEREAL OF ANY KIND!

  • Helpers will be coming to your class immediately following these announcements to collect todays donations.
  • We are encouraging all donations be brought to school with you in the morning – the office can't accept donations all day long. If you miss a day and would like to bring something in – simply bring it in the next morning. Thank you!
  • Tomorrow "on the FIFTH day of Christmas Birchview students brought in COOKIES OF ANY KIND!"
  • Don't forget your COOKIES tomorrow Birchview!

3.         Announcer 1:  Hey friend!

Announcer 2:  Hey what?

1:  Are you ready?

2: For what?

1: Birchview Movie night!

2: When?

1: Tonight - Thursday at 6:00 in the gym!

2: Oh yeah!! Popcorn & a drink for $1.50 I'll be there.


My hands are high my feet are low & this is how we watch a show!!!

Paddington 2 TONIGHT in our gym.

*Remember – we are collecting Cereal today – so feel free to bring a box of cereal with you to the movie! Thanks Blazers! *

4. Yesterday was Waste Free Wednesday here at Birchview. 106 students cut out plastic waste and brought a waste free lunch. AWESOME! And now, here are your Eco Warrior trophy winners. In Kindergarten there was a tie with 6 lunches each, between Mrs. Degagne's and Mrs. Wonta's class. The Primary trophy goes to Mrs. Baumgarten's class, with 9. The Junior Trophy has been reclaimed by Mr. Pinkerton's class, with 11. And, Mrs. Ewaskiw's class hangs on to the Intermediate trophy with 4. Great job, Birchview. Please send the trophies to this week's winners this morning. Who will win next week?

5. Speaker 1: Mmmmmm!  What's that delicious smell?

Speaker 2: It smells like hot coco, BUT that is just one of the 5 fantastic Smencil scents that will be sold on Dec 11th and 12th during the second nutrition break.  You can get your own for only $2.

6. The eco team will be meeting today during the 1st nutrition break in Mr. Pinkerton's room.  Please bring your lunch.

7. Grade 3 Craft club will be today during first nutrition break please bring your lunch.

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